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Practice Areas

MATSUO & KOSUGI has a wealth of experience handling not only domestic lawsuits but also international transactions. The firm provides legal services to city banks and other financial institutions, manufacturers, distributors, telecommunication companies, trade houses, mass media and companies providing other services, as their outside legal consultant.


Lawyers from the firm have been involved, as advocates on behalf of debtors, advocate on behalf of creditors, or court-appointed administrators, in numerous corporate insolvency proceedings, such as bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, corporate arrangement, corporate rehabilitation, special liquidation and voluntary liquidation.

MATSUO & KOSUGI has represented debtors and creditors in both domestic and transnational insolvency cases in many instances. Our lawyers have written and lectured extensively on the subjects of Japanese bankruptcy law and practice, published many specialized legal articles, and conducted legal classes in many legal or scholarly institutions.

Note that Mr. Yasuhei Taniguchi, Professor Emeritus of The Kyoto University and one of our of-counsel members is widely known as an authoritative figure in the bankruptcy law field.