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Our experienced corporate lawyers provide all legal services necessary to get your Japanese business off the ground. Whether it is advising on the types of legal entities available in Japan or meticulously crafting articles of incorporation that suit your business needs, Matsuo & Kosugi has the skills and experience to create the right corporate vehicle for your Japanese business venture. 

After a Japanese business is established, we work closely with our corporate clients to ensure that they have all the resources necessary to succeed. This includes aiding with day-to-day corporate governance and compliance issues as well as bridging any cultural gap that may exist in business negotiations between our client and a Japanese counterparty.

Some of the Corporate services we provide include:

  • Advising on Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act notification requirements
  • Provide assistance in obtaining the necessary visas for both employees and executives
  • Corporate Governance, including assistance with holding legally compliant shareholder and director meetings
  • Preparation of a company’s internal workplace rules for employees
  • Handling notifications to the Labor Standard Supervision Office
  • Drafting and review of various types of contracts, either in Japanese or English
  • Contract negotiations with Japanese counterparties