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Matsuo & Kosugi presently represents a large variety of notable tech companies including software developers, tech platforms, systems integrators, telecoms, and internet service providers. 

Legal Consultations

We provide our tech industry clients with a full range of legal services including the drafting and negotiation of various agreements. As the respective rights of each of the parties can often be complicated in IT business arrangements, as is the case in systems and software development agreements, our team works closely with clients to meticulously describe and assign the relevant rights so as to better avoid future disputes.

Some of the specific services we provide include:

  • Drafting of IT-related contracts such as consulting agreements, development contracts, service contracts and licensing contracts
  • Creation or review of Japanese law compliant terms of service
  • Creation or review of privacy policies that meet the requirements under the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information
  • Assist clients at the planning stages of their various IP and IT related projects